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Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs

Ongoing series with 11 novels and a short story collection
Genres: urban fantasy
Spinoff: Alpha and Omega


Mercedes Thompson is a mechanic and a coyote shifter, something that gets her into trouble more often than not. Good thing she grew up in a werewolf pack so she knows how to fight back against something bigger and stronger than she is. 

Reading Order:

1. Moon Called
2. Blood Bound
3. Iron Kissed
4. Bone Crossed
5. Silver Borne
6. River Marked
7. Frost Burned
8. Night Broken
9. Fire Touched
10. Silence Fallen
11. Storm Cursed
12. Smoke Bitten


I have been reading the Mercy Thompson series for about ten years now, and I have loved it all this time. There are, of course, books that are better than others. Yet the core of the series still remains strong, even to this day.

The world Patrica Briggs built is just so good for urban fantasy. It starts off small but rich, and it only grows from there. It also contains a fascinating mixture of a masquerade and not, as when we start off the Fae are out of the paranormal closet but no one else is. Throughout the series, mor and more does come out, though.  They never really feel like “humans with a condition” to me, either. Hell, the vampires are even scary, and the fae are fey!

Mercedes Thompson is a coyote shifter and all-around amazing person. Growing up, she was raised by werewolves but never exactly accepted by them. But now she has made a place for herself. Her former boss that she bought her mechanic shop from is fae. Her best friends are a werewolf and a vampire. Her next door neighbor, Adam Hauptman, is the local werewolf alpha. But most importantly, Mercy just likes to help people. She knows when to follow, but she likes being the leader. She is also just a lot of fun, but she has a wicked impish streak when she feels she has been slighted. Coyotes, huh? Mercy draws chaos to her, and feels responsible for what she brings down on others by just existing near her.

The story of the series is simple yet elegant. It grows complex and nuanced as the series and story moves along. The villains have variety to them, and some are more evil than others. Each book ends up with its own interesting story.

The relationships Mercy has with others is a highlight of the series. She has father-figures. Her mom shows up and is awesome. She has some amazing friends. And the relationship she has with her eventual SO is one of my favourite relationships to watch. They’re so good together. They support each other. And they’re just cute.

Mercy Thompson is one of my favourite urban fantasy series. The series evolves a lot with every new book. New problems arise, old problems are solved. The characters are always the best, and friendships matter.

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