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Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

Complete series with 3 books, a novella, and a short story.
Genres: fantasy (epic fantasy, high fantasy)
Main Series: Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere


Scadriel is a world in peril. Ash rains from the sky, the plants sound dead, and the sun is red. The aristocracy controls the non aristocrats with an iron fist, being able to do with them as they will. The God King has ruled for millennia and he cannot be killed, no matter how much he needs to be killed. Kelsier and Vin, as well as the rest of their band of miscreants, set out to do just that – kill the God King. However, what would be the price for this deed?

Reading Order:

0.5. The Eleventh Metal
1. The Final Empire
2. The Well of Ascension
3. The Hero of Ages
3.5. Secret History (see note on ordering inside)

Series Review:

This is one of the best series I have read. I have no idea where it falls, because I don’t really list things that way, but it is way up there. I was enthralled the entire way through this series. The world is amazing, the magic system is robust, and I loved all of the characters.

In the first book, I had no idea how there were three books in the series, because obviously we know what is going to happen at the end of book one. I didn’t expect what happened at the end of book one. my description for the series is really only for what happens in the first book for the most part, because anything further than that I just cannot imagine describing without you having read the first. Then, I really didn’t expect what happened in book two. That was interesting. I still had no idea how there were going to be three books, but Sanderson managed to do it. Then book three. I cannot describe how much book three subverted my expectations of it. What a book. What a series.

If Sanderson has one strength, it is in the way he builds his magic systems. I think the system Sanderson builds in Mistborn might just be his best. It is so clearly laid out. We may not know everything, but I have no doubts at all through the entire series that Sanderson doesn’t know everything there is to know about this system. Too many times have authors introduced new concepts without regard to what they’ve already established. Not here, what gets introduced is already known to author way before we ever knew it, and you can tell.

What surprised me so much about this trilogy is just how much I loved the characters. They aren’t perfect, Sanderson knows they aren’t perfect. But, I didn’t hate any of them, which is not something I can say for any other series I have read from him. A lot of the characters in this series also defied my expectations for them, too. I’m different from a lot of others I have talked to in this, but I really like the characters in book two. I don’t find anything about them boring in that book at all.

This is the type of series you experience. It isn’t for everyone, but I would still suggest everyone try it. There is no way you can see all the turns this series takes along the way. It is an amazing experience.


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