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Nocturne City by Caitlin Kittredge

Complete series with 5 novels.
Genres: urban fantasy

Series Blurb:

Luna Wilder is a lone werewolf and a cop. Together with her questionable taste in men and logic processes, Luna solves a variety of supernatural crime in a world that may or may not know that the supernatural exists. It is unclear.

Reading Order:

1. Night Life
2. Pure Blood
3. Second Skin
4. Witch Craft
5. Daemon’s Mark


I did not like Nocturne City. The series starts out as the most cliched and generic urban fantasy ever. It doesn’t get much better. There really isn’t an overall plot to the series until the very end – when the publishers declined to contract the author for more books and the series ended just as it was finally starting. It is just as well, because I have problems with just about everything to do with the story: the characters, the investigation, the worldbuilding, and the relationship.

I hated Luna. She was hyper angry and aggressive with everyone. She blames it on her being a werewolf, and how her shifting isn’t working properly. She just growls and barks all the goddamn time. That is just about her entire personality, it has nothing to do with her shifting. The interactions just are always so angry and feel so unnatural, between everyone.

The investigation themselves are terribly handled. This reads like a novel based on CSI rather than something based off of actual police procedures. It is filled with sexual harassment and bigotry in the workforce. It is highly stacked against anyone “different”. I suppose that isn’t too different than some places in real life. I just didn’t like the way it was done here.

The worldbuilding is practically nonexistent. Things are thrown out and we’re told nothing about anything. We’re expected to just accept what we’re given. Yet even by the end, I still didn’t understand the way the world worked. Hell, I couldn’t even answer the most basic question I should be able to answer about an urban fantasy novel: whether or not the world at large knew about the supernatural or not. I got conflicting details, and by the end I was just annoyed.

The relationship was definitely the worst thing about the series. The love interest, Dmitri, and Luna are just drawn to each other. Even though he is one of the victims’ boyfriend. Even though he is grieving the loss of his girlfriend. He has an okay personality, but he is completely and totally wrong for her. For one thing he isn’t a bitch like Luna is. For another, she is a cop and he is a former pimp and a current drug dealer. How does this work?! It doesn’t! Plus, he is trying to get revenge on his girlfriend’s death. Because of course a cop should be condoning this kind of thing. I just don’t understand the relationship at all. And it just gets worse as the series goes on.

Another problem is the way everyone treats Luna. I don’t understand the animosity. It doesn’t really make sense. I’m really tired of it. They call her a whore and bitch to her face, among other pejoratives. They tell her she is useless and worthless. Say that because she is a werewolf, she must have a temper. And then she proves them right, and everyone goes “whoa, hold up!” when she gets pissed at them. Of course she is going to get pissed. I’m pissed, and I’m one of the calmest people I know.

Overall, I just really did not like this series. Too many problems, absolutely nothing I actually enjoyed reading about.

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