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Old World books by Melissa F. Olson

Genres: urban fantasy

The Old World is a series of series feature primarily two characters Scarlett Bernard and Lex Luther. The world features a variety of creatures, but most importantly vampires, werewolves, and witches, all keeping what they are from the humans.

Scarlett Bernard:

Complete series with 3 books, a novella, and a short story.

Scarlett Bernard is a null working for the Old World creatures. She covers up supernatural crime with the help of a local detective.

0.1. Bloodsick
0.5. Sell-By Date
1. Dead Spots
2. Trail of Dead
3. Hunter’s Trail

Boundary Magic:

Ongoing series.

Lex has an amazing ability – she can survive death. In order to save her niece, who has a special power of her own, Lex ties herself to one of the local vampires and does jobs for her.

1. Boundary Crossed
1.5. Malediction
2. Boundary Line
3. Boundary Born
4. Boundary Broken
5. Boundary Haunted

Disrupted Magic:

Complete series with three books.

Scarlett Bernard is back. This time, she is a part of the Old World leaders, not a pawn. Yet she still runs odd jobs for them at their beck and call.

1. Midnight Curse
2. Blood Gamble
3. Shadow Hunt

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