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Psy/Changeling Trinity spinoff by Nalini Singh

Ongoing series with 3 books currently released
Genres: paranormal romance
Main series: Psy/Changeling

Series Blurb:

Silence has fallen. The Psy have their emotions back, but it is a long road to recovery. Not everything is going to go smoothly. Further, the other races smell a weakness. They no longer want to be under the control of the almighty Psy. They want what is theirs.

Reading Order:

1. Silver Silence
2. Ocean Light
3. Wolf Rain
4. Alpha Night

Psy/Changeling Trinity is a continuation of the Psy/Changeling series. It isn’t really a spinoff. Nalini Singh considers it the second arc of the story. This series is the sequel to everything that happened before. It is the same story, yet it is different. Plus we have new people in new places doing new things.

I loved Psy/Changeling because while it is paranormal romance, it has an actual story and each book advances that story. I haven’t gotten that so far. The story isn’t advancing so much as seemingly stalling out. I feel like we have a good start so far, but soon the story has to actually do something. There are small bursts of story, but most of it is about the relationships, not the story.

The thing is, I love the characters. Every single one of them, even the ones I’m not expecting to like. They’re all amazing characters with their own personalities. They all feel different from each other, no matter how similar they are on the surface.

I’m a bit tired of the current relationship dynamic in the series. The one where one of the main characters in the book is destined to die for one reason or the other, and by the end of the book there is a save pulled out of a hat. I feel like it is getting overused. I’m actually kind of bored by the whole thing. I’m certain this isn’t the end of that particular plot device, because it has become a pattern with her. This was more than emotional enough without the added bonus of the whole 5% chance to live bit.

I go back and forth about the politics of the series. On the one hand, the three races are learning to work with each other, instead of beside each other or against each other. The DeepSea changelings are also learning to trust people other than themselves. The humans learning that not all Psy are evil. Friendships and alliances are forged. On the other hand, I’m getting tired of the idea that the humans are all going rogue because of years and years of being under the Psy’s control. It just doesn’t really fit with the way the series has been presented so far. It does to an extent, but not the level of backlash we’re currently getting.

I’m still going to keep reading these, though. They’re cute and fun. By the end I’m always happy. I’m also looking forward to where this is going.

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