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Realm Walker by Kathleen Collins

Completed series with 4 novels and a short story collection.
Genres: urban fantasy

Series Blurb:

Juliana Norris doesn’t know where she came from, but one day she was found. Now she is working at the Agency, which hunts down deadly paranormal beings. She is also the mate of the master vampire Thomas Kendrick, the brother of the person that found her all those years ago. Only he left her. And now he is back. 

Reading Order:

1. Realm Walker
2. Death’s Daughter
3. Blood Slave
4. Prophecy’s Child


Realm Walker isn’t the best book, nor is it the best story. It isn’t the best written. The characters aren’t amazing. The worldbuilding isn’t anything special… Yet everything combines within to make it just right, just enough to make it magical to read. I don’t know what it is. It just contains that indefinable quality that makes me love it.

Juliana Norris is dark fae half breed who works as a Realm Walker tracking down supernaturals who have gone rogue in some way and endangered others. She is also an angry little thing. Mad at the world. Mad because her mate, Thomas, left her shortly after their mating ceremony. Yet despite all that anger, she has managed to make a new life for herself. She has become strong and independent.

Until Thomas decided to come back into her life. Thomas Kendrick is an old vampire. He isn’t exactly a very typical old vampire that you have seen a hundred times before, but he isn’t not that, either. And Thomas loves Juliana desperately. So when she asked for time he gave it to her. 7 years of time. Yet Juliana didn’t want him to go away, she just wanted him to stop moving so fast. And now he is kicking himself for leaving, for not coming back sooner. For letting what happened to Juliana happen to her because of his absence. Coming back hasn’t gone exactly how Thomas imagined it, not at all.

The stories in Realm Walker is a pretty basic urban fantasy story. There really isn’t anything special about it in the long term. Indeed, the world isn’t anything special either. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t special. I’ve seen it all before. Vampires, fae, demons, gods. You’ve probably seen it all before if you read urban fantasy at all. Yet just because it isn’t special doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. This is a classic example of keep it simple. It works because it is simple, because it is basic. Because it isn’t anything you’re not expecting as a reader.

I guess really what I love so much from this series is the romance between the two characters. Thomas’s leaving and expecting to be welcomed with open arms. Juliana’s being mad at him, but wanting him anyway, loving him anyway. These two characters are what kept me coming back again and again. I love them and I love watching them make up. I love watching them slide back into their lives together after a long time apart. I love the fact there are growing pains between them in the relationship. Julianna is a different person than she was when Thomas left her. It has changed things, yet it also hasn’t. Because they love each other. Always.

Unfortunately, I did end up a bit disappointed in the ending to this series I’ve been enthralled with this for years, and I have waited for this ending for years, too. Prophecy’s Child was just entirely too short. The plot of this book has the same amount and level of plot that entire series typically consist of. All of which was introduced in Prophecy’s Child. If this was the ending to the series Kathleen Collins always had in mind, I would have loved hints about it in the previous books, at the very least.

Realm walker was a fun series, with great characters, that I’m glad I read.

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