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Rylee Adamson epilogues by Shannon Mayer

Complete series with 4 short novels.
Genres: urban fantasy
Main Series: Rylee Adamson, The Elemental
Sequel Series: Questing Witch

Series Review:

The world is in pieces, but Rylee’s part in trying to fix it is over. The prophecies are done. Or not, maybe there is one more thing to do. Save the people she has come to care for and look after.

Reading Order:

1. Rylee
2. Liam
3. Pamela
4. Lynchpin


I decided to group these all together, because I don’t really have a lot to say on an individual level, really. These are very short books, very quick reads.

See, if you haven’t read Rylee Adamson by Shannon Mayer first, you’ll get absolutely nothing out of reading these epilogues. There is nothing going on in these that would appeal to anyone who hasn’t read the main series.

I’ll take it a step further and say if you haven’t read Shannon Mayer’s Elemental series as well, or have no plans on reading it, you’ll get nothing out of this as well. I’ve read through four, Windburn, and I say that it is necessary to read at least through that level to enjoy this series at all. Otherwise, all the nuance that isn’t actually said to save on word count is lost.

I say it is necessary to read through Windburn, yet Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson, Elemental and now Questing Witch series should really be read in PUBLICATION ORDER. While I enjoy both series, I read them basically as they came out because I hopped in early. Publication order is the only way to go with these series, because of the amount of back and forth between them. Luckily, she mostly makes that easy for you.

Short Review of Rylee Adamson books 1-10: Rylee is Tracker, who looks for lost kids after her sister disappeared when they were little kids. Because of who and what she is, Rylee ends up in surrounded by a demonic plot to take over Earth. I enjoyed reading the series a lot. The end took me to new lows regarding just how damn hard I could cry. It was worth it for me to read, but it has been a while.

Short Review on the Elemental books 1-4: Larkspur is an Elemental who doesn’t really fit in anywhere. She is one of the last of her Elemental type, Spirit, and others fear her. She also has the Mother Goddess on her side, guiding her actions, and an evil Stepmother bent on ruling all the Elementals. I enjoyed reading it when I read it, but I was always an emotional wreck while reading it, so that could have coloured things. I had to take a break from reading it entirely after I got tired of crying every couple months.

These epilogues are kind of like a long advertisement for the Elemental – while still requiring you to have read them to understand the plot. Most of the plot of these novels are intrinsically tied to the Elemental…with characters from the Rylee Adamson books. This is also a prequel to her Questing Witch series, too. It lays the groundwork for it. Each book builds on the last, so they really need to be read in order.

Overall, if you’re caught up to date or reading in order, go ahead and read these. If not, skip them.

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