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Scarlett Bernard trilogy by Melissa F. Olson

Completed series with 3 books, a novella, and a short story.
Genres: urban fantasy
Main Series: Old World


Scarlett Bernard is a null working for the Old World creatures. She covers up supernatural crime with the help of a local detective.

Reading Order:

0.1. Bloodsick
0.5. Sell-By Date
1. Dead Spots
2. Trail of Dead
3. Hunter’s Trail


I think overall I didn’t like this series. At first I thought it had a lot of potential, but it didn’t live up to it at all. What started out as almost tight writing ended up just not getting better and in some cases devolving. Plus, I really disliked the main character, which really didn’t help me like this series at all.

The plots themselves are nothing to write about. I’m not certain what Olson was going for with them, but they seemed like they didn’t matter. They seemed to just be there because the characters had to do something. I honestly had to read what the books were about before even writing this because I actually didn’t remember, that is how little they really mattered.

Scarlett Bernard herself is a horrible person. She makes poor decisions and blames others for making her make them. She is selfish. She complains about everything in her life, but makes no moves to better herself or her situation at all. She believes herself to be the only possible person to do anything the entire time, and then bitches at everyone when they suggest that maybe she should take someone to help her. I honestly hate Scarlett.

Then there is the love triangle of hatred. The first player is a werewolf, Eli, who is actually a very sweet, good person. I feel sorry for him the entire series. Scarlett constantly lashes out at him because she thinks he is just with her because he is human with her. He is helpful but not overbearing. I like Eli, Scarlett doesn’t appear to like him for any reason other than that he wants her. Then there is Jesse, the detective. He is an asshole, too. He has a very holier-than-thou attitude about everything Scarlett does, believing because he is on the laws side he is better. Guess what, he isn’t.

The worldbuilding rewrites itself after every book. There are little changes that happen each book that are different than what has already been established previously. There doesn’t appear to be many constants and it is frustrating. Nothing in this world was established before writing it, and it is really obvious. Olson adds things on, consequences be damned.

The worst thing, in my opinion, is this isn’t the only trilogy with her. At the time of writing this, there are 3 trilogies with more to come in the Old World. Which means I have even more Scarlett to read after this. While Hunter’s Trail can serve as the end of the series, there is still more to the story to be told, apparently. Unfortunately.

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