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Science Fiction

Updated February 11, 2020

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Other Genres: young adult

Binti runs away from home to attend the prestigious Oomza University. Her talent for mathematics makes her a desired student, and she wants to go. Her parents and her beliefs tell her not to. Yet she does anyway, and she finds more in space than she wanted. She wanted to be a student, but what she finds is the Medusae, a jellyfish-like alien, who attack her spaceship and all the consequences that entails.

Crosstalk by Connie Willis

Other Genres: romance

In the not-too-distant future, a simple outpatient procedure to increase empathy between romantic partners has become all the rage. And Briddey Flannigan is delighted when her boyfriend, Trent, suggests undergoing the operation prior to a marriage proposal – to enjoy better emotional connection and a perfect relationship with complete communication and understanding. But things don’t quite work out as planned, and Briddey finds herself connected to someone else entirely – in a way far beyond what she signed up for.

It is almost more than she can handle – especially when the stress of managing her all-too-eager-to-communicate-at-all-times family is already burdening her brain. But that’s only the beginning. As things go from bad to worse, she begins to see the dark side of too much information, and to realize that love – and communication – are far more complicated than she ever imagined. 

Everything Matters! by Ron Currie Jr.


Do you know what you would do if you were born with the knowledge the Earth was going to end at a specific time? Are you certain it would be right? Those questions are exactly what our protagonist, Junior Thibodeaux, has to figure out.

Foreigner by C.J. Cherry

Ongoing series with 20 novels.
Other Genres: space opera, political intrigue
Review Status: Ongoing

Bren Cameron is the paidhi to the Aiji, the leader of the Atevi. When humans came to this world, lost in space, they wanted to get along but biology had other ideas. Now the paidhi is the only human that works with the Atevi, even though they share the world. It is a dangerous, high-stakes job that goes beyond anything Bren ever could have believed could happen when he went to school to become the paidhi. Because the job has changed, and he may be the only one to handle the changes.

Imperial Radch by Ann Leckie

Complete series with 3 novels and one spinoff novel.
Other genres: space opera, military space opera
Review Status: Complete

Breq, formally the starship Justice of Toren, used to many. Now she is one, and she is on a mission. Breq lost her ship, and she lost her people on the ship, and she wants the one responsible for this treachery to pay. And Lord of the Radch, Anaander Mianaai, is the one responsible. The most powerful person in the Imperial Radch.

Jesse Sullivan by Kory M. Shrum

Complete with 7 novels.
Other Genres: urban fantasy
Alert: LGBT themes

Review Status: Complete

Jesse Sullivan has a rare neurological disorder allowing her to die for another person. Dying for another has become a business, and Jesse an agents. When someone tries to kill her, Jesse finds herself embroiled in a plot beyond her wildest dreams.

The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell

Complete with 6 novels.
Other genres: space opera, military space opera
Sequel: The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier Prequel: The Genesis Fleet Spinoff: The Lost Stars
Review Status: Complete

Captain John “Black Jack” Geary woke up after a hundred years in survival hibernation to find that he has been revered as a hero. He also finds himself in command of a fleet in enemy territory with only one goal: get home. He is horrified to learn they are still in a war that has lasted a century and that his people have followed what he did in his last stand to near ruination. In an impossible situation, Geary has to live up to the his name and pull off a miracle.

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier by Jack Campbell

Complete series with 5 novels
Other Genres: space opera, military space opera
Prequel: The Lost Fleet, The Genesis Fleet Spinoff: The Lost Stars
Review Status: Complete

Captain John “Black Jack” Geary is back, and now he is returned to his admiral status. The Alliance fears him and his potential to stage a coup and have the people follow him. So they have a job for him: take the fleet, and learn more about the mysterious aliens known as the Enigmas. That’ll keep him busy and far, far away from Alliance space.

The Lost Stars by Jack Campbell

Complete series with 4 novels.
Other Genres: space opera, military space opera
Spinoff Series: The Lost FleetThe Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, The Genesis Fleet
Review Status: Complete

The Syndicate and the Alliance used to be at wan, before John “Black Jack” Geary came back. Now the Syndicate is on the verge of collapse. Artur Drakon and Gwen Iceni aren’t going to let the Syndicate take them down with it. They are going to fight to create Midway Star System independent. 

Mindspace Investigations by Alex Hughes

Ongoing with 4 novels, 3 novellas, and a short story.
Other (minor) genres: urban fantasy*
Review Status: Continuing

I used to work for the Telepath’s Guild, before I became a drug addict. Now, I’m struggling to remain clean while working for the Police solving crime they can’t. Crimes by other psychics. They keep me on a short leash because they can’t trust me, I’ve proven they can’t trust me. The drug, MY drug…well, I just want it. I’m determined this time, though. I’m determined to stay off it, to make my life my life again. 

Newsflesh by Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)

Complete with 4 books, a novella, and a novella collection.
Other Genres: science fiction, zombies
Review status: Complete

George and Shaun Mason are bloggers, along with their friend Buffy. Now, they’ve won the opportunity of a lifetime: they get to follow a Senator on their campaign trail to the presidency. Then someone decides to commit an act of terrorism against them by sending Zombies after them, and they find themselves in a conspiracy. After that, everything goes to hell.

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

Complete series with 6 novels (two of which are collections of short stories and novellas), and several side short stories.
Other genres: space opera, military space opera
Review Status: Complete

Humanity is at war. In order to get off Earth, they’re left with two choices: become a colonist or join the Colonial Defense Forces to protect the colonists. The Colonial Union has strict guidelines about who can sign up for either choice. But there is one stipulation: once you leave Earth you can never go back. Which means braving the danger of space, with hundreds of alien races fighting for the choicest planets.

Outcast by Keri Arthur

Complete with 3 novels.
Other genres: urban fantasy
Review Status: Complete

Tiger survived the war, the rest didn’t. A hundred years have passed, and the déchet – a bunch of created super soldiers blended with werewolves and vampires – have been all but forgotten. Except by those the déchet had hurt. When a child is outside her base at dusk, with vampires about to come out to feed, Tiger knows she has to save her. One child leads to many, a conspiracy, and danger.

Parasitology by Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)

Complete with 3 novels.
Other Genres: science fiction
Review status: Complete

Sal Mitchell got in an accident, and now she remembers nothing except the warm, hot, red, dark. Seeing as her custom made Intestinal Bodyguard™ seems to have brought her back from bair death, the company that made it, SymboGen is studying what happened, to see if they can repeat it. Only, something is going wrong with the other parasites now. Something really wrong.

Riley Jenson, Guardian by Keri Arthur

Complete series with 9 novels and 1 short story.
Other Genres: paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Spinoff: Dark Angels
Review Status: Complete

Riley Jenson is a dhampire, a rare offspring of a vampire and a werewolf. Riley and her twin brother, Rhoan, have been kicked out of their pack and now they are alone. She doesn’t want to be a Guardian, but she is left with no choice when one of the men she is dating does something to her against her will. Now her body is changing in new and sometimes horrifying ways, and the only people who can monitor the changes are the Guardians. So, she is forced to go after some of the worst society has to offer to try and make the world, or at least her corner of Australia, a better place.

Sirantha Jax by Ann Aguirre

Complete series with 6 novels.
Other Genres: space opera, military space opera
Spinoff: The Dred Chronicles
Review Status: Complete

Sirantha Jax has a rare gene to allow her to jump ships through grimspace. After being accused of creating an accident and surviving, she is broken out. Now she joins up with a group of rogue fighters who want her help overthrowing the established order. But when everything goes wrong, plans change. People change. And the galaxy changes.

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell

Complete series with 2 novels.
Other genres: first contact, spiritual, religion
Warning: Trigger Warnings
Review Status: Complete

In 2019, a researcher working at Arecibo in Puerto Rico discovers extraterrestrial life. What he heard was beautiful singing from the planet that would come to be called Rakhat. The Society of Jesus quietly, but quickly, organised an expedition to this planet of singers. A catastrophic end to the mission leads the sole survivor, Emilio Sandoz, to be blamed for heinous crimes. But what really happened on Rakhat, and how does someone who might once have been considered a living saint become someone who became a whore and child killer? And where does he go from here?

Theirs Not to Reason Why by Jean Johnson

Complete series with 5 novels.
Other genres: military sci-fi, space opera
Spinoff: First Salik War
Review Status: Complete

The Prophet of a Thousand Years, Bloody Mary, Ia. All names for the most powerful precog who will save the galaxy in 300 years through her prophecies. Ia enlists in the Terran United Planets military marine corps under the guise of being just another soldier with two goals: become the best soldier she can be and don’t get caught. Ia will give everything she can to saving the galaxy.

Wayfarers by By Becky Chambers

Complete series with 3 novels. For now.
Other Genres: space opera, hopeful spec-fic, slice-of-life

Wayfarers is a series of three stories, following three groups of people connected by distant through time and space. Their lives are their own, they just have to live them. Space is a big, lonely place, and they just have to find their place in this big universe.

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