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Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent

Complete series with 7 novels, 2 novellas, 5 short stories.
Genres: urban fantasy, young adult

Series Blurb:

Kaylee Cavanaugh sometimes suffers panic attacks. Then she screams when she sees a woman in a bar, and soon finds that this only happens when a person nearby is going to die soon. That is when she learns she is a Bean Sidhe, and her entire life changes. She isn’t crazy anymore, she is just different. Now she has a boyfriend she loves and is super popular! Wait, What is a demon?

Reading Order:

1. My Soul to Take
2. My Soul to Save
3. My Soul to Keep
4. My Soul to Steal
5. If I Die
6. Before I Wake
7. With All My Soul


I really like the Soul Screamers series as a whole, but boy do I really, really hate parts of it. The series starts out absolutely fantastic. There was some hard topics, there was danger, there was amazing interesting story and world bits. And then it turned into a really weird teen drama, where a book was devoted to saving the soul of a fake-Disney corporation music star, and some drug addict plotlines. Finally, after that steep drop, the series picks up again and that is where I grow to truly love it. This isn’t a really nice or easy series after that. It is heartbreaking while also being adorable. The reason why I like this series so much is because it is so heartbreaking, so anxiety-inducing. So willing to make everything turn out terrible and make me cry.

In the beginning. I honestly feel quite sorry for our main character, Kaylee. She was put into a position she never should have been put into. She was told nothing about who or what she was all her life. She was lied to constantly for the last several years as her “panic attacks” made her anxious all on their own. She was allowed to believe herself insane rather than be told the truth, simply because her uncle believed her dad should be the one to tell her. Every single one of the adults in Kaylee’s life failed her, and it honestly makes me mad.

However, after that first book I grew to hate Kaylee for a bit. She is a typical teenager who doesn’t listen to authority. She turns jealous at the drop of a hat. Yet, once she gets through that annoying period of her life, I grow to like her again. Just jeez, this series has some ups and downs. The biggest problem I have is that she doesn’t ever ask anyone for help except her friends. She has so many adults in her life that can handle these problems, and she hides things from them instead. She has zero self preservation.

And she has some self esteem issues. As soon as Nash looks at her like she is a person, Kaylee wants him. And Kaylee gets him. Which starts off really cute and descended into some truly awful territory. Nash turns into an asshole, but his brother is absolutely awesome.! And he is a really fun part of the series. There are other side characters I really enjoy, too. Like Sabine, who is Nash’s ex-girlfriend who is the most honest person in the entire series.

The world is pretty interesting. There are Bean Sidhe and Grim Reapers and Demons. Plus a few other things that can be added as needed. The world isn’t very strict. It is just well put together, and I like it. And the villain for this series is just so delectably evil. I totally buy Avari as an evil demon bent on nothing more than gathering souls. I appreciate him as a villain, and sometimes that can really take some doing. He breaks all the rules just to make Kaylee’s life an unholy hell. It is really fun.

The ending for the series is amazing. The whole last three books are basically one running tale of amazing. I’ll admit I don’t like the choices that were accepted by Kaylee, but I’ll respect them. Because they make me sob. I’ll admit it feels a bit too easy, but I think that is because of the choices Kaylee makes. It isn’t perfect, but I love it.

And since I haven’t said it yet: by the end of this series, I love the relationship Kaylee is in. They are so damn cute together it hurts. I love reading this so much for them. I love them together. I want to see more of them together just doing whatever the heck pleases them to do together. I’d read short story after short story with them together just doing “life” things. Ahh I love them.


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