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The Half Bad Trilogy by Sally Green

Warning: cliffhangers, oh my god the cliffhangers
Alert: LGBT themes
Genres: urban fantasy, young adult, dark fantasy
Complete series with 3 books and 2 novellas

Series Blurb:

Nathan is unwanted, considered an abomination by everyone. Half white witch, half black, neither side trusts him. After enduring years of imprisonment and torture, he escapes with the goal to claim his future – and bring down the white council. In addition to treating Nathan like less than human, the white council has been terrorising black witches and halfies for decades.

Reading Order:

0.5. Half Lies
1. Half Bad
1.5. Half Truths
2. Half Wild
3. Half Lost


This is an amazing series, but it is a series you have to endure. It is not a happy series. It is dark as hell. Just when you think things can’t possibly get worse, they manage to get worse. Dark stories like this just aren’t something you expect to read in a young adult series. And there is no doubt about it, this is a young adult series. It is a coming of age story, it is the story of a boy finding out who he is.

The story is very traditional at its core. Two sides both believe the other to be a evil and wrong. They hate each other. They cannot work together at all. And to a certain extent, both sides are right. There are generations of horrible actions to fuel their hatred of each other. This is a story that has been told a thousand times before, yet this is still good.

Nathan is a great main character. He isn’t the traditional protagonist. He isn’t the smartest, or the most powerful (in the beginning), or the most likeable. He had a bad, but not horrible, childhood until he was a teenager, when it turned to hell. It changed his already not traditional nature into something even more devolved from the normal. He is lost and in pain for most of this series.

Like most young adult stories, this has relationships in it. Nathan is obsessed with this girl named Annalise, who is a selfish bitch. There are few characters I hate as much as I hate Annalise. There is also Gabriel, who is Nathan’s best friend. The first real friend Nathan has really had. Gabriel is an amazing character, and he really adds a lot to the story, I’m so glad he is in this series.

This is not a happy series. That is clear throughout the series. It keeps true to itself until the end. I really recommend this series.

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