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The Iron Covenant spinoff by Ilona Andrews

Ongoing series with 1 book currently out.
Genres: urban fantasy
Main series: Kate Daniels


After getting kicked out from the service to his god and becoming a drunk for a while, Hugh D’Ambray is pulled back in because his Iron Dogs are dying. Elara Harper, the White Lady, has to protect her people, but doesn’t really have the means. Both have what the other wants, and there is only one way to solidify an alliance quickly – marriage.

Reading Order:

1. Iron and Magic


For a series that started out as an April Fools’ joke, Ilona Andrews managed to pull off the impossible – Hugh comes off as a nice guy. And, I like his ladyfriend, too.

Though this series takes place in the Kate Daniels world, I personally believe that you don’t have to have read Kate Daniels in order to enjoy it. You will, however get way more out of this if you have read Kate Daniels. Ilona Andrews does a great job of introducing the world in the first book. There are some crossover characters and events that get brought up in this book that are in Kate Daniels, as well, but those also get explained with time. If you have read Kate Daniels before, this is best read before Magic Triumphs and after Magic Binds.

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