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The Lost Stars by Jack Campbell

Average Rating: 89 points, 4 ½ stars
Complete series with 4 novels.
Genres: science fiction, space opera, military space opera
Spinoff Series: The Lost Fleet, The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, The Genesis Fleet

The Syndicate and the Alliance used to be at wan, before John “Black Jack” Geary came back. Now the Syndicate is on the verge of collapse. Artur Drakon and Gwen Iceni aren’t going to let the Syndicate take them down with it. They are going to fight to create Midway Star System independent. 

RVs Chart 93 Reading Order:

1. Tarnished Knight 4 ½ stars
2. Perilous Shield 4 ½ stars
3. Imperfect Sword 4 ¾ stars
4. Shattered Spear 4 ¾ stars

This is the second Spinoff series to The Lost Fleet that takes place during the same time period as Beyond the Frontier. You can either read them in publication order or one after the other, Though I would personally recommend reading The Lost Stars after Beyond the Frontier.

First, I have to bring up the names in The Lost Stars. Artur Drakon, Gwen Iceni, Rho Morgan, Bran Malin, Donal Rogero, Gaiene, Kai. King Arthur, Lady Gwenivere, Morgan Le Fey, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. The only one I can’t place is Rogero. So the theme of The Lost Stars is King Arthur in the same way the theme of The Lost Fleet is Anabasis.

I really enjoyed the story of The Lost Stars. We have seen the Alliance prior to this. Now we see a former Syndicates shake off the horrible system they had before and try to make something better. It is action packed as the takeover isn’t a peaceful one. The Lost stars is so much fun most of the time. The characters are amazing, the dialogue feels natural. The people are just people, and I love them. For a series that in no way should be cute, it was super cute. I liked reading this.

I mostly just really love the characters. I’m a character person through and through. Drakon on Iceni make me care because they care. Drakon is the more empathetic of the two, he cares about those under him and it nearly destroyed him in the Syndicate system. Iceni is more of the ice queen who has to be taught how to be empathetic again after years in the Syndicate system.

And both Drakon and Iceni don’t trust each other. The entire plan hinges on them trusting each other, and they just don’t. They constantly have to remind themselves to believe in each other. They are constantly having to reassure the other and themselves they aren’t going to turn on each other.

The ultimate goal is independence from Midway Star System. They have to face threats such as themselves, what is left of the Syndicate, other systems wanting to go independence and start their own syndicate, internal forces working against them, and themselves. The end of the series ends exactly where you expect it to go, but I loved watching it play out. I couldn’t believe how good it was. Everything wraps up well, but you know there is more story to tell should Campbell desire to write more.

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