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The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff

Complete series with 3 novels
Genres: fantasy, epic fantasy, high fantasy, young adult, school setting
LGBT themes


Mia Covere’s family was killed, and she barely escaped with her life. Now she wishes to join a group of assassins, on a mission of revenge. That isn’t all. In addition to being a rater decent killer, she is capable of talking with shadows. Which is quite something on a world with 3 suns that rarely fully set. 

Reading Order: 

1. Nevernight
2. Godsgrave
3. Darkdawn


Well, Nevernight sure was a different series than I typically go for. I liked it, but I wasn’t in love with it. The writing was really well done, but different than I am used to. I often had troubles with the tone. Like the first book, Mia is at assassin school and everyone is acting like they’re at Hogwarts. It was just sometimes odd. I really did like reading the series, though. Mia was fun and the story was good.

However, it does have FOOTNOTES, so that was really awesome. A large portion of the worldbuilding actually takes place in the footnotes – and there are a lot of them. And often they are amusing little tales or just a joke. And often they are precipitated by some random thing, like a vase or portrait. And the footnotes just get better as the series goes on, especially when you find out who writes them.

The story over the course of the series follows a predictable pattern. Nevernight is Mia Corvere in school, learning how to become an assassin. Followed by a book of a gladiatorial combat scenario, which was really odd but ultimately interesting. And then it is the final showdown. What makes Nevernight Chronicles stand out is the way Jay Kristoff makes everything amazing. The writing style and story combine to make some epic moments and awesome surprises. There is a level of danger always present that keeps me on edge and wanting to know what happened.

The main character, Mia Corvere, is, quite simply, a bit of a little shit. Smartass. Thinks she is the best ever. And while I admit Mia is good, she ain’t the best. She learns quickly, but she still has her own struggles. And her past really sucks, which I always appreciate in a lead character. Mia is also special. She is darkin, which means she has a shadow pal that follows her around and makes fun of Mia, other people, and pretty much everything for the most part. Because her shadow friend, Mr. Kindly is a bit of a little shit, too.

Revenge is what drives Mia through the series. She gets closer and closer to her goal, while also experiencing setbacks. Including some jaw dropping surprises along the way. And a whole bunch of things happen to try and get in the way of her revenge. Things don’t go as planned, and almost everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Yet it all serves to further Mia’s character development. And it was so, so good. So much fun to read.

There are so many secrets, so many revelations. A couple of “oh my god” moments. Jay Kristoff really knew how to make a series entertaining.

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