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The Witch King by Nancy Holland

Average Rating: 69 points (3 ½ stars)
Ongoing series with 2 novels.
Genres: fantasy, romance, fantasy romance, paranormal romance

A world spent by perpetual war, leading to wandering tribes of people. Thalgor hopes for more, he wants to build a town. Erwyn is a witch, and Thalgor will use Erwyn to help his people, in any way he can. Neither anticipate falling in love.

RVs Chart 101 Reading Order:

1. Thalgor’s Witch 3 ¾ stars
2. Felyn’s Curse 3 ¼ stars

I actually enjoyed reading this. If I sound shocked, it is because I am. I was really wary before starting this, because I have had bad luck with this type of story before in the past. Therefore I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed myself while reading it. Especially in light of how much I had trouble getting into the writing itself. The best descriptor for the writing is that it was really clumsy. It was just that every element was just fumbled a little bit. This did get better as the series went on, though. I think it was just new author woes.

At its heart, The Witch King trilogy is a fantasy romance series. There are almost equal parts romance and fantasy. It may have other desires, but it is romance. The goal of the series was to showcase the change in their social structures. In Thalgor’s Witch, we’re treated to a wanderer society, still pulling itself together after some brutal wars years and years prior. They band together in groups, with survival never certain and bands are constantly trying to steal from each other. They want to change that, though. And that is this story, the change of social structures.

I enjoy the characters. Each book has a new couple pair that get together and fall and love and everything. But I tend to like them. They feel like people. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. Sometimes they make idiotic decisions, sometimes they are really smart. They are a bit all over the place.

This series isn’t the best I’ve ever read, but overall I did enjoy it. It could have been a hell of a lot worse. I think that with time, Nancy Holland will grow into a very strong author that I’ll be happy to follow.

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