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Tony Foster series by Tanya Huff

Average Rating: 58 points, 3 stars
Complete with 3 novels and two short stories
Genres: urban fantasy
LGBT Themes
Main Series: Vicki Nelson

Tony Foster used to be a street kid. Then he met Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry the VIII and vampire, and everything changed. Now he is a production assistant on a TV series about a vampire detective. Only, weird things keep happening. The shadows move. The house is haunted. And Demons are coming, for earth. Oh, and he can use magic now, too!

RVs Chart 104 Reading Order:

1. Smoke and Shadows 3 stars
2. Smoke and Mirrors 3 stars
3. Smoke and Ashes 3 ¼ stars
3.5 Blood Wrapped (anthology: Many Bloody Returns)
3.6 See Me (anthology: Those Who Fight Monsters)

Definitely the best part of the series is Tony Foster. When first we saw him in Blood Price, he was a street kid doing what he could to survive. Over the course of the Vicki Nelson series, we saw him become more and more of an adult who is capable of solving his own problems. When last we saw him in Blood Debt, he was ready to strike out on his own. Well, now he has. He has found a life for himself, he is settled and happy. Henry is around a lot but…well, that is just Henry, he isn’t ready to let go even if Tony is. The silliest thing is that Tony has found his life in being a production assistant on a TV show featuring a vampire detective. LOL. However he has a cute crush on one of the lead actors for the show.

I’ve read this before, several times now, and I still have no real idea of what was going on. Time didn’t really help this confusion, either. Things kept happening and happening, and nothing really made sense and I had no clue why those things were happening, and nothing seemed to get resolved and.. I was so bored because what the heck did I just read? The story jumped around in the weirdest ways, and never really explained anything that was happening. There was also never any rest for the characters to figure things out, either. Each book was “go go go we have to get to the end” and then we got to the end and I was just kind of lost by that point and was glad it was over.

Tanya Huff explores tropes from other genres and bringing them to urban fantasy through Tony Foster. We see the magical bad guy who hops through dimensions and destroys everything in his past. We see the haunted house where no one will listen and one by one they die. And we see a demonic invasion. I just wish that these tropes were actually explored instead of being the same thing I’ve already seen, just thrown into modern day Earth without a care for what it actually means.

Overall, even though I adore the Vicki Nelson series, I don’t think the spinoff needs to be read.


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