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The sexy, thrilling adventures continue in bestselling author Keri Arthur’s new Dark Angels series, set in the realm of danger and desire known as the Guardian World . . .

Half-werewolf, half-Aedh Risa Jones can enter the realm between life and death, and she can see the Reapers who collect the souls of the dead. Now, she is using her gifts – and the investigative know-how of a man who broke her heart – to find a cabal searching for the power to control time, reality and fate. And this is besides her work for the Vampire Council, half of whom want her dead.

But for now the Council needs her alive. Someone is killing blood-whore addicted vampires, and Risa must find the guilty party. If she succeeds, she may finally convince the council to lift the execution order on her life. But before she succeeds, she must first survive . . .


Although I guess Azriel did appear to have the capacity for emotions, which made him one step up the ladder from Lucian, but still not a great option.


The stakes are raised yet again. With every new book, more and more shit is getting heaped onto the Risa pile. It is fun. Risa is getting penned in, she is cornered. And like anyone who is cornered, she is refusing to cooperate. Meanwhile, the attacks on her are increasing. She can’t go anywhere without getting attacked by someone it feels like. I enjoy it so much. This is actually why I rated the book so high, Arthur managed to make me feel as cornered in as Risa.

Madeline Hunter has sent Risa on yet another sidequest. We just have to find who is killing vampires who are into some very unsavory acts. As if this is a problem for society or something? Bah. I just wanted to yell at the book for it to get back to the main plot. Between that and her constantly checking in on Tao, the book just felt so…pointless. I can’t help but feel this series could have been a lot better if Keri Arthur stuck to the point. We’re just really no closer to the end of the series, despite nearly being to the halfway point. It feels like nothing has happened to further the series.

Lucian is fucking awful to be around. I hate him. He is an awful human being (which probably isn’t a surprise since he isn’t human). He just is awful for Risa. I don’t understand why she continues to want to be with him, why she lets it cause strife between her and Azriel. I understand why Lucian has to be around for the whole key thing, but the personal stuff? Make him go away, please.

Az-baby, on the other hand? Azriel and Risa for life. I just love these two, even when they’re fighting and have trouble communicating. Azriel is such a fun character to be around. Risa is convinced he doesn’t care for her, he gets upset that she says this even though that is all he ever really shows her – that this is just a job. But, you can tell Azriel is holding a bunch of things inside him. I just need to have these two together. I’m emotionally invested, now!

Definitely fun on an emotional level. Frustrating on a story level.

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